continuous sealer FRM 1120L

FRM-1120 Solid Ink Coding
Prod. ID : FRM-1120AL-SM
Dimension : 195.00cm x 55.00cm x 110.00cm
Specification : 

Voltage: AC 220/50 V/Hz
Motor Power: 550 W
Sealing Power: 300 x 4 W
Sealing Speed: 0-8 m/min
Sealing Width: 1 cm
Temp: 0-300 °C
Distc.rom seal center to conveyor table: 33-53 cm
Distc. rom machine head to floor: 68-88 cm
Conveyor Table Size: 190 x 30 cm
Max. conveyor loading for single package: 10 Kg
Overall Conveyor Loading: 30 Kg
Machine Weight: 150 Kg

FRM 1120AL-SM  Solid Ink Coding (Paint Housing)